Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I do with CWIS coins?
A: Hoard them in your wallet for now. Although, you can trade them on an exchange for other cryptocurrencies if you like.

Q: What is with the large 8 million coin premine?
A: It is being used exclusively as rewards for wisdom or bounties. Think of giving us your short snippets of wisdom (255 characters or less) as being a form of mining. This is a chance for those who do not have mining hardware to earn some coins.


Q: At what rate will the premine be handed out?
A: Rewards from the premine will be sent out on Mondays. If you did not receive a reward by Tuesday, it means your submission(s) was rejected, so try again with different content. The total amount given out on Mondays will vary depending on the number of submissions received, reviewed and approved the previous week.

Q: Can I submit wisdom more than once?
A: Yes. Submit as many times as you like. Just be original and use proper grammar (English only). We do not want to sift through loads of plagarized or inarticulate crap. Each good submission that we approve will get you reward coins!

Q: Is there any way to track or view submitted words of wisdom?
A: No. Most submissions will be kept secret for approximately the first year from launch. Some may end up being featured on the website. All approved submissions will eventually be revealed once the premine is depleted.

Q: Is there a roadmap or whitepaper for this coin?
A: No. The current plan is to keep the coin as-is for at least 3 years from launch. After that point, we might completely revamp the coin (possible coinswap) based on the popular crypto technologies being used at that time. As far as uses for the coin (other than trading), we have some secret plans for that.

Q: Is this a scam?
A: It is a cryptocurrency experiment. We do not wish to scam anybody, but it is an experiment that might fail miserably... or it might succeed magnificiently. Will people send us words of wisdom for CWIS coins? Will people work on bounties for CWIS coins? Will CWIS get on the markets and have real value? Will our secret plans come to fruition? If there is not enough interest from the community, we may just give away the premine as prizes for small contests or in lotteries. Maybe we will just burn the remaining premine. Only time will tell.

Q: What is the burn address WipeG3WdJdzPKBsrXThNjqfrZCQ4HxH5yk?
A: Any coins sent to this address are gone forever, unable to be accessed by anyone because nobody has the private key. We may occasionally send coins to this address from the premine. Later on, if whatever remaining premine is left has no use for it to pay for anymore bounties or words of wisdom, we will most likely send ALL of it to this burn address. This is to ensure that the dev team of this coin will not just dump remaining premine on the market. Proof of not knowing the private key on the burn address can be seen at The original burn address was WdrAMPEzjm8fSbXnn72VH7sH8dKSMaR7T7 but as there is no recorded proof, it is no longer being used.

Q: Who are the CWIS team members?
A: The leader is cryptocronic, the owner of and a contributor to the Canada eCoin and Madbyte coin projects. The other team members choose to remain anonymous at this time. You can contact cryptocronic using this form.

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