Crypto Wisdom Coin


Crypto Wisdom Coin (or CWIS for short) is a digital currency based on distributed blockchain technology.

The distribution period for giving out CWIS for words of wisdom and bounties has ended. This project has been put on hold.

If you have any CWIS in your local wallet, please back it up and hold on to it. We will be back and active again at a later date.

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Block explorer:

Mining Pools:

  • Sorry, none at the moment.


  • Sorry, none at the moment.


CWIS was launched 2017-08-11

Technical Specifications:

  • Total coins: 24,000,000 CWIS
  • Algorithm: Scrypt Proof-Of-Work
  • Block time: 2 minutes
  • Block maturity: 100 confirmations
  • Block reward: Currently 8 CWIS
  • Halving: Every 250,000 blocks

Pre-mine Information:

The first mined block of this coin gave out 8,000,000 CWIS (of which 4,000,000 CWIS has been burned) as an insta-mine which was used for wisdom rewards and bounties.


This coin is a clone of Litecoin and was created by the CWIS team as an experimental cryptocurrency. We declare ourselves not liable for any damages or loss by the mining or use of this coin. Participate at your own risk!

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